Our Staff

April Welch

Administrator, Office Manager

April is usually the first person you’ll meet at the birth center. She greets everyone with a smiling face and always finds a way to be helpful.  Whether you need help with insurance coverage, or simply to reschedule an appointment April is there to make your experience as smooth as possible.

April has a son, Noah, who was born in water at CTBC. We are absolutely blessed to have such a committed and faithful office manager with a true heart for serving women and families.

Jamie Early, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist & Doula, Bebe Massage Therapy

“I learned the benefits of massage at five years old when I realized I could make my mom feel good by rubbing her shoulders. Growing up I knew I wanted to be a Massage Therapist to continue helping people feel better.
Learning my grandma and Mother both had home births, I became very inspired about natural birth and wanted to be a part of the birth world at a very young age. I loved it when my mom would tell me my birth story. At 18, I felt a calling to become a midwife. I was so excited about being able to be a part of others birth stories.
With my passion for making folks feel better with massage and becoming a midwife, a family friend suggested I become a doula while I work toward becoming a midwife. What a perfect way to combine both of my passions. I can help mothers feel great with massage during their pregnancy and child birth and I get to be a part of their birth story! I still get very excited when I think of myself as a midwife. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for my life.
I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012. I started my own business, Bebe Massage Therapy, in 2013. I also started my journey to becoming a doula. I attended the Dona workshop in 2014 and have since attended 12 births. I’m currently going through the Tiny Love Doula Certification Program. I’m passionate about helping women through this powerful season in their life.
I started working at CTBC last year and I’m loving it. I get to work with mama’s and their sweet babies everyday. I am where I have always wanted to be!
I am happily married with two babies. Our oldest baby is a 3 year old springer spaniel. He recently became a big brother when we had our first little handsome baby boy. I love being a mom!”
Jamie is available for massage from 10-2 on Mondays, and 10-1 on Wednesdays for $50/hour.  Call the birth center at 512-763-7569 to schedule your massage today!

Jenny Dombroski

Educational Coordinator

Jenny Dombroski is a 2007 graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Development.  Jenny has always been passionate about working with children and encouraging stronger family bonds. After having a disappointing birth experience with her daughter, Shelby, in May 2011, Jenny came away from the experience committed to finding a way to have an easier and more comfortable labor. Her research led her to become involved in the Attachment Parenting movement and a proponent for holistic and alternative medicine, and eventually led her to HypnoBirthing®.

Soon after receiving her certification, Jenny found out she was expecting again!  Once again, due to special circumstances, Jenny needed to be induced with Pitocin, but this time, armed with the tenants and relaxation practice of HypnoBirthing®, Jenny was able to birth her son, Jake, without an epidural.  Jenny looks forward to encouraging parents and helping them achieve happy, satisfying birth experiences through HypnoBirthing®.  Email Jenny at jennydombroski@yahoo.com