Our Birth Team

Salli Gonzalez, LM

Midwife, Clinical Director, Owner

Her journey in the birth arena began for Salli many years ago with the birth of her own children. Her first was a typical hospital birth which caused her to realize that a mother needs to be proactive in the care of herself in pregnancy and in the birth of her child. Consequently, her journey would lead her to eventually give birth at home to four of her six children and eventually to helping other families in birth. Salli has been in birth work for over 20 years as a doula and a midwife. She attended the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training program and became a licensed midwife in 2007. She was one of the founders of the San Antonio Birth Collective, served as an officer on the board of San Antonio Area Midwives and had been living in the San Antonio area since 1998. She had a homebirth practice in the San Antonio area for 6 years before moving to Georgetown and joining CTBC in 2013. Her passions include helping young families live healthy lives first by helping mothers have healthy pregnancies and offering guidance in nutrition and breastfeeding. Truly, Salli’s passion extends beyond pregnancy and birth to be a mentor to young mamas in the care of their babies and children. Salli has been married to her husband, Joe, since 1980, and together they’re excited about their 4 grandchildren and more to come. Her pastimes include family reunions with her children, which involves lots of loud conversation and lots of Mexican food. She also enjoys reading, gardening, walking along the river and sitting on the back porch watching her chickens. 

Margret Lipton 

Certified Nurse Midwife

Randi Muncher

Licensed Midwife, Birth Assistant

Randi found her passion for midwifery when she started to research her own birth options. The midwifery model of care spoke to her heart, and it just made sense. She studied with Association of Texas midwives midwifery training program, and started as a student at CTBC in 2013. When she graduated in 2018, she joined CTBC as a Licensed midwife. Randi has a passion for helping families make educated and thoughtful decisions about their care. The postpartum period is what makes Randi most excited about the midwifery model of care. She loves to help mom’s thrive in their new role and help them find their power and trust their intuition. When she isn’t catching babies, she enjoys being a homeschool mom to her daughter born in 2015 and son born in 2020, weightlifting with her husband, and taking the dogs for a hike.


Ashley Wilson

Student Midwife, Birth Assistant

Ashley is a student midwife with the Association of Texas Midwives and has been with CTBC since September 2020. Before she started training to be a midwife, she received a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology from West Texas A&M University. Ashley moved to the North Austin area at the end of 2019 and enjoys being with her loved ones and spending time outdoors.  

“I’ve always believed in the innate power of the human body, especially the forces behind pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. I want to be with women during their childbearing journey to support them, educate them, and help empower them.”