Free Tour and Initial Consultation

Please call any time for a tour and free initial consultation.  Meet with one of our midwives who can answer  your questions and help you decide if an out-of-hospital birth is the right choice for your family, and whether you’d like to pursue birth center or homebirth.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal visits at Central Texas Birth Center are scheduled for an hour each.  We want to make sure you have ample time to ask questions, fully understand every stage of your pregnancy, and develop a strong relationship with  your midwife.  During this time, we will discuss important topics like prenatal nutrition, exercise, stress factors, and natural remedies for any pregnancy discomforts.  We will fully address any concerns you may have about pregnancy, birth, or parenting and provide you with additional resources, should the need arise.  Of course, we also perform the clinical portion of the prenatal visit, which includes:

  • Urinalysis
  • Weight
  • Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature)
  • Monitoring the fetal heart rate
  • Measuring the size and growth of your uterus (fundal height)
  • Palpating the position of your baby, and teaching you and your partner to do the same
  • Risk Assessment

If you are birthing at home, we will come to your home for a home visit at 36 weeks.


We offer all the standard prenatal testing and lab work, including:

  • OB panel
  • HIV testing
  • Gestational Diabetes testing
  • Group B Strep swab
  • Pap Smears
  • …and more


Central Texas Birth Center does not require that you have an ultrasound during your pregnancy.  However, we understand that some families would like to know the sex of their baby, or have a diagnostic ultrasound for peace of mind.  In addition, there are some circumstances where ultrasound can be a beneficial diagnostic tool.

Central Texas Birth Center refers to several different ultrasound companies for diagnostic ultrasounds. We are happy to find you the most cost effective option for obtaining your ultrasound. In addition, we have several referral options for non-diagnostic ultrasounds, i.e. keepsake ultrasounds. Please contact our office for an ultrasound referral.

Birth Center Birth

When labor begins, please call and let us know.  You may want to come into the birth center to be evaluated, or you may feel comfortable just waiting at home for active labor to begin.  Once your active labor pattern has been established, you will head to the birth center where you will be greeted by your midwife.  She will help you get settled into whichever of our two luxury birthing suites you have decided on.  From there, she will begin quietly and in-obtrusively monitoring your labor, which includes:

  • Evaluating fetal heart rate (every 30 minutes during active labor and more often as labor progresses)
  • Monitoring vital signs of mother (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, reflexes)
  • Palpating fetal position
  • Vaginal exams if necessary, and only with permission
  • Assisting with techniques to help mom relax and work with her body, including hydrotherapy, massage, position change, and homeopathy
  • Ongoing risk assessment
You may labor and birth in whatever position feels best to you.  As long as you and your baby are stable and healthy, you are free to walk around (even outside in the beautiful courtyard near the fountain).  We encourage you to stay well hydrated and eat to your comfort.  You may have as many or as few visitors as you wish, and family and friends are welcome to settle into our family lounge and relax.  Pictures and video are welcomed!


Homebirth is very similar to birth center birth, except that we come to you.  A midwife and an assistant midwife will come to your home when active labor is established.  We bring supplies for birth including emergency medical supplies and monitor your labor in the same way we would at the birth center.  You will be responsible for gathering a list of basic supplies to have on hand (i.e. sheets, towels, etc) and to order a birth kit.  After the birth, we will clean up, start laundry, and tuck you and your partner into bed with you new baby.


After your baby is born, we will continue to monitor you and your baby to ensure that you are both stable and healthy.  We will guide you through delivering the placenta and assist you with breastfeeding as soon as you’re ready. It will be a priority to make sure you are staying hydrated, and many mothers are hungry for an actual meal at this point which we encourage. You must stay for at least two hours after your placenta has been delivered, but many families will prefer to take a nap and rest a while before heading home. Postpartum care continues after you leave, including:

  • 24 hour phone consultation
  • 1-3 day home visit
  • 2 week office visit
  • 6 week office visit

Newborn Exam

A thorough newborn exam is done at mom’s side when the baby is approximately two hours old. Prior to the newborn exam, baby’s lungs, heart rate and temperature are assessed while mom is holding her baby.
Some of the newborn assessments include:

  • Weight and Length – Head, chest, and stomach circumference
  • Vitals – Respirations, Heart Rate, Temperature
  • Reflexes – moro, grasp, suck, swallow, sneeze,etc.
  • Skin – color, birthmarks, vernix
  • Head and neck
  • Back – normal curve, hair tuft
  • General Appearance – activity, muscle tone, cry
  • Eyes – placement, reactive
  • Ears, nose, throat
  • Chest/breast – heart and lung sounds
  • Abdomen – including cord treatment
  • …and more