The Birth of Artemis

October 24, 2022

Artemis Jayne Portillo



Around 8am Thursday morning, still laying down, I felt my water broke. Wasn’t too sure at first but I got up and sure enough. Spent the entire day in early labor, walking, finishing up some last minute shopping, hubby being amazing and washing every piece of linen for us. Living in the middle of the Hillcountry, we are an hour away from everything. We figured we’d be in the area of the birth center however, nothing was happening yet and we were tired so we decided to go back home.

Not even after a couple of hours of being home, around midnight I went into active labor. Now I’ve been in active labor while in a vehicle before, however this time I couldn’t wear my seatbelt and I had to be on my knees in the passenger seat while facing the back, hugging the seat and rocking back and forth, holding Sergio’s hand through every surge the entire way. They were so frequent and intense but felt very quick at the same time. Getting to the birthing center, I was so grateful to see Salli, Ashley and Anya waiting for me. They had the room I had picked out ready. That extra support from them just meant so much to me. No medications or interventions of any kind to numb me from what God created me to do. The entire time they respected my space, my body’s ability and time. They never showed or expressed any doubt or questioned about how things were going. Their aura made me feel completely safe. They and Sergio encouraged my breathing which helped me immensely.

The water in the tub was the best thing ever, especially after being on my knees the whole drive. I was so tired that I wanted to have my whole body submerged in it. I knew though that I needed to be on my knees again in order to get things going even more and had to just let go. Once I did, time worked so differently for me while my body did everything it needed to on it’s own. I could feel time and space slow down while actually recognizing what was happening during the birthing process.

A feeling like I’ve never felt in my life before. Intense, however beautiful. About two hours later, Artemis made her way as I caught her into this world at 3:36am. Reading and writing this makes me smile. Our rainbow baby is here. Feeling so incredibly grateful for my family and the amazing experience God blessed us to have with this birth.

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