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Three midwives facilitate a birth in a warm, dark birthing suite.

Birth photographer: Jules Morlet http://www.juliannamorlet.com/

Birth Center Birth

Experience wrap-around midwife care in our family-friendly luxury birthing suites.

Pregnant woman sitting in the shade

Home Birth

Complete midwifery care in the comfort of your home.

Christine holds her son after his water birth.

Birth Photographer: @dakotajcurfman

Water Birth

Choose to have a natural water birth at the birth center or we can provide a a pool for use in your home.

Prenatal Care

We provide attentive, holistic prenatal care that is customized to you.

Postpartum Care

Care and consultation appointments at two days, two weeks and six weeks after birth.

Ultrasound Referral

We are happy to refer you to our most trusted options for ultrasound keepsakes, diagnostics, or peace of mind.

Birthing Classes

We offer options for prenatal, birth and parenting classes. Ask your midwife!

Newborn Care

We respect that the baby is a brand new human being whose first introductions to the earth should be respectful and gentle. Newborn care continues six weeks after the baby's birth.

Natural Remedies

We can recommend products that provide comfort and boost the body’s natural processes.

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We encourage you to reach out to us early in your pregnancy. Our availability is limited in order to maintain the highest standard of care.
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