Our birth stories

Each birth journey is different and everyone deserves personalized birth care. These are stories from our clients.

A newborn is cradled by its mother. The baby is gazing up and holding a fist against its cheek.

Our Stories

Legend's Birth Story
I finished a 12 week nurse contract on a Saturday at 38 weeks + 2 days pregnant and I had been having braxton hicks daily for months! I finished my contract on Saturday, did some last minute maternity pictures Sunday, went to work Monday morning to work my last day at my IV drip nursing job and started having legit contractions around 1:30. I knew baby boy wasn’t going to come in 5 minutes so I still went to pick up my food from Chipotle I had already ordered for a friends birthday, went by Align for one more chiropractor adjustment and went ahead and stopped by the birth center to pick up the birth pool before heading home to “rest”. (P.S. it amazes me how people can rest when they’re in labor. Even though this wasn’t my first baby, I was still too giddy to sleep!)
August 23, 2022
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