The Birth of Elias

January 31, 2023

Elias Monroe Conti. Breech. Home birth.

Monroe had the most incredible birth story, there's much more to the physical and mental preparation that went into our story, but to spare everyone from the lengthy details, I'll keep it short and sweet just like his arrival into this world.


At 37 weeks our little guy was still breech. After a failed ECV, we were left with a decision to make. I could schedule a C-section or attempt a breech home birth as a first time mom.

The choice was surprisingly easy for me. I had a very skilled team of midwives and I wanted to bring my baby into the world in the most wholesome way. We decided we were gonna attempt a home birth.

That morning I woke up at 10am with mild cramping which was the first sign that later that day I would be going into labor. I just didn't know how soon that would actually be. I called my chiropractor to see if she could squeeze me in one last time before giving birth. She saw me at 11:40am. I made it back home at 12:15 and went to my room to work through the "cramping", which by that time had turned into close but irregular contractions. A little after 1:00 I decided to get in the tub. At that point things had intensified and at 2:15 I messaged my midwife to let her know I was having "early labor contractions " recognizing that this was the real thing, but still thinking I still had a long way to go. Shortly before 3:00 I called my husband into the bathroom to count the contractions because at that point they were one on top of the other. The first one he counted was over a minute long so he immediately called Salli (my midwife). As soon as he got off the phone I felt my water break and suddenly had the urge to push. My baby's feet were out!

For the first time I was feeling anxious, my husband and I could not deliver our breech son on our own. Thankfully Salli and Ashley were nearby and arrived at our home shortly after Arin called them. Our son was born only 12 min after they arrived!

My peaceful home birth wouldn't have been possible without my amazing team of midwives, especially Salli (who's experienced in breech births). I praise the Lord for putting her in my life and for healthcare providers who educate themselves on breech deliveries so that women have the opportunity to have the birth experience they deserve.

Thank you Salli, Ruth, Ashley, Janixa, April, and Dr April for all the wonderful care baby and I received throughout the pregnancy. It meant the world to us. And thank you to my husband for counting that one contraction ;)

Photo Credit:  Leilani Rogers

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